Botanical Watercolors

by elfrethsalleycat

My next project is to make some more art work for the house.  I decided to make four botanical watercolors representing each member of the family.  Did you know you have a birth month flower?  I didn’t, but apparently you do.  I was very dismayed to find out mine was a carnation.  That is just unfair.  I already have to deal with my birth stone being garnet (otherwise known as poop colored ruby).  However, I realized that I was looking at the British list.  On the American list I was a snowdrop which made me very happy indeed. Last night I did the paintings because nothing says a wild saturday night like a glass of scotch and paintings of flowers.  Eh, that is how the did it in the olden times* Next, decorative frames and a cute layout.  Stay tuned for more developments.

* I have no evidence anyone in the olden days drank scotch and painted on Saturday nights.  They were probably cooler than that.

Clockwise from top left Daffodil (March), Lilly of the Valley (May), Snowdrop (January), and Larkspur (July).  By tonight I should have the next step.